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Xenium Solderless Adaptor review

This review was done by Xantium of Xbox Scene all thanks and credits go to him for a great review.


>> Official Xenium website:

What's in the package::
* The Xenium Solderless adaptor
* Special longer screw
* Rivets (optional install)
All packed and protected in a hard plastic box.

What you need to install it::
* a v1.0-v1.5 Xbox
* a TORX 10 and 20
* clear diagrams of "d0" point for your xbox version
* a Xenium modchip (it will not work with any other modchip, besides the discontinued chameleon)

Install the Modchip::
The 'Xenium solderless adaptor' is a special adaptor that will allow you to install the Xenium modchip solderless.
Well ... they just made the original better. The 'Xenium solderless adaptor' is a renewed/better version of the 'Chameleon Solderless adaptor'. You can easily see the difference between the old and the new: the Chameleon adaptor is black, the new Xenium one is purple/blue. Make sure you buy the new one if you plan to buy this.<âr> The new adaptor does not require any "rivets" (some kinda small pins you can put in the LPC holes so the pogopins make good contact) anymore.
They also made the "spring-wire" (hard wire you can bend into the "D0" point) more solid.
The small "hole" they made in the plastic mold (so the adaptor doesn't touch a capacitor on xbox v1.2+) is now smooth and it doesn't look like it has been cut out manually anymore.

With this all they managed to make the install even easier. Basicly you just open your Xbox (that's what will take you most time), you unscrew the motherboardscrew near the LPC, you 'click' the Xenium solderless adaptor into the LPC points, put in the special (longer) screw, screw till it 'stops', lift up the "spring-wire" and depose it into the "D0" point. After that you just have to put the Xenium modchip on the adaptor's headerpin and close your Xbox again.

I tried this on 3 xbox units, and it never failed, worked each time from the first try ... I never even watched under the adaptor to make sure it was all good aligned or so ... it's 'automatically' correctly aligned. Why? because the adaptor's pogopins and spring-wire go 'in' the points and not 'over' (or 'on top of') the points. Because aligning is no longer required this solderless adaptor can easily beat any 'solder install' speed-wise.
You will still get the 'rivets' with the adaptor as theoretically these will offer better contact - but for the tests I did they were never necessary.

I shaked my Xbox a lot ... the adaptor didn't move and contact with all points stayed very stable.

+ Ultra easy and fast install.
+ Best solderless method ("spring wire") for "D0"
+ No need for "rivets" anymore
+ LPC and D0 points are very stable.
+ No 'aligning' difficulties what-so-ever, neither for the LPC points nor for "D0".

- The price of the adaptor alone - combined with the Xenium modchip the price is better ... so better buy it together :-)

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