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Executor Review

This review was done by Xantium of Xbox Scene

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>> We installed the X-ecuter modchip today in a PAL Xbox console.

Installation was easiest of all xbox modchips installed so far. If you are looking for the fastest , easiest & lowest-risk install , you need this modchip.
As most people aren't used to install modchips with those hole-pcbs here's a small tutorial we got from the guys at lik-sang about how you should 'solder' the 'holes' :

"(1) put some solder at the LPC port points at the Xbox mainboard.
(2) Place the X-ecuter on it, so that the holes match the points of the
(3) Put some solder on your soldering iron. Stick your soldering iron in a
right angle into the holes - press.
(4) Pull the soldering iron back.
Also, always use enough flux, this is the most professional way."

Follow that for the 9 holes on the pcb and it should be a really easy job. Then there's just 1 normal wire left.
You can also install a switch to disable/enable x-ecuter easily. This is optional thought , if you don't need it , you don't have to install it.

Once installed (worked from first try) all advertised hacks worked. This is the only mod with ALL 3 hacks available at the same time : no-patch-hack (to play ALL backups) , HDD-swap (to install larger HD) & no-reset-eject (eject tray without resetting the xbox ... usefull for mediaplayer).

Downside :
-you can't easily reflash the x-ecuter BIOS (altho at this moment there is no reason you would need this).
-Modchip not very easy to remove without special tools


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