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EZ-2 & EZ-2 PowerStar Review

BUY The EZ-2 & EZ-2 PowerStar fromDivineo UK

Supplier: Divineo UK

EZ-2 & EZ-2 PowerStar Review 1.0

I. Hardware Features

All 256M and 512M EZ-Cart are standard GBA cartridge size.
All three saving modes are supported, import and export for all saving modes and sizes are supported. All saving modes is supported by software, so you only need to update your software to accommodate future new saving mode, protect your investment most, free from hardware upgrade cost and trouble maximum.
Rechargeable battery in cart to support saver, no need to change battery, the battery life is even longer than the flash chips.
Real Time Clock supported (RTC)
Hardware Cheat supported
Software Rebooting supported
EZ2 uses Flash ROM chip that work under power supply of 3.3V
EZ2 PS uses Flash ROM chip that work under power supply of 1.8V

II. What¡¦s in the box


The box has a very nice design (a first view) and comes with a Mini-CD where u can grab the software, but I recommend u to download the latest on the web since it¡¦s all times updated.

III. Installation

Unzip the ez2 software in a directory.
Ex: c:\ez2

Unzip the correct driver in the same directory where u installed the ez2 software, so here, ¡§c:\ez2¡¨ = 1st Gen EZ2 = EZ2 Power Star

U can now connect the writer to an USB port of your motherboard.
It¡¦s very important to do not plug the writer on a hub since it won¡¦t supply enough power for it.

Now, windows would detect the writer, from there, choose next button.
Click on ¡§Search for a suitable driver for my device¡¨ and choose next.
Then, just check ¡§Specify a location¡¨ and choose next.
Browse to ¡§c:\ez2¡¨ and choose ¡§ezwriter.inf¡¨
Finally, click on OK to complete the installation.

If the installation is successfully, it has to look like this in Device Manager:

IV. EZ-2 Writer

The EZ-2 writer has a very nice interface, here, I opened my Super Advance 4 backup and look like this:

Index: Place of the game on the cart menu

File Name: Name of the backup file

ROM Name: Internal ROM name that will be shown on the cart menu

ROM Size: Size of the stripped ROM

Saver Type: Type of the save game

Saver Size: Size of the save game that¡¦ll be stored on the cart for the game

NB: 256M cart can hold a total of 2MB save game.

Cheat: Enable cheat if the game is supported

Reset: Enable In-Game-Reset if the game is supported

Options Menu

Using Loader: Check ¡§Using Loader¡¨ if you want to write several GBA files into the EZ Cart simultaneously and uncheck ¡§Using Loader¡¨ only if you want write 1 GBA file to the EZ Cart or the volume of the GBA file you want to write is exactly the same as the capacity of your EZ Cart or the GBA file to be written is very special.

Auto Remove Info: Check ¡§Auto Remove Info¡¨ will remove some useless content in the ROM to reduce the ROM's size.

NB: This function can't always guarantee to remove the useless content. So remember to uncheck this function if you find that your ROM can't work properly after executing Auto Remove Info.

Format Cart: You must execute Format Cart operation if you are using your EZ Cart first time. You can also delete all the GBA files by executing this command.

ROM Check: It will check if the ROM in the cart is all right.

RAM Check: It will check if the RAM in the cart is all right.

Battery Check: It will check if the battery in the cart is all right.

Language Select: With this function, you can select the language used in the Window of EZ-Writer.

Loader Language: With this Function, you can select the language used in the menu of GBA.

Update Date File: You can update the data of Cheat Function online with this function.

Clock and Password Set: With this function, you can set the real time clock in your EZ II Cart and the password used to operate your GBA.

How To Use the Cheat Function ?

You can enable Cheat Function of a ROM by checking its box in the Cheat column.

NB: You must edit Cheat code before enabling Cheat Function.

To edit Cheat Code, right Click the Cheat Column of the selected ROM and select Cheat Edit.

You can select Cheat Code file of the selected ROM by clicking the pull down icon of Add Cheat Data menu. The parameters of the Cheat Code file will be listed in the table.

You can enable Cheat Function by ticking the corresponding check box in the Function column.

Add Cheat: You can add the Cheat Code found by yourself to the working table by this function.

Delete Cheat: You can delete the selected Cheat Code by this function.

Search Cheat: You can refresh the working table by this function.

NB: If you want to edit the Cheat Code of a ROM which has been written to EZ Cart. You must Rewrite Cheat.

Menu Function Key

A Button: Will execute the selected game.

B Button: Will execute Soft Reset at first, and then, will execute the game.

NB: Some games won¡¦t run properly by pressing A button, so try this method.

In-Game Function Key

A+B+SELECT+START: Restart the game.

R and then A+B+SELECT+START: Return the EZ menu.

L+R+SELECT: Disable Cheat Function.

L+R+START: Enable Cheat Function.

V. Conclusion

EZ2 is a very nice impressive last generation backup unit for the GBA.

Since it¡¦s support all save game, u won¡¦t need to patch your backup before playing and the software will be updated to support future save game.

It also includes RTC for Pokemon fans and future game that¡¦ll use RTC.

The installation was quite easy and the software is very stable.

I tried to save and restore some save games without any probs.

EZ2 has some function that isn¡¦t very interesting for me, like ¡§Cheat¡¨ and ¡§Software Reset¡¨ but will maybe interest others.

If u¡¦re looking for a good and easy to use backup unit, then, I recommend u to buy it since it¡¦s a very impressive product.


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