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PS2 Slide-Tool Review

BUY The PS2 Slide-Tool from HERE

Supplier: Success

After receiving the box, the first image is that "Where is the tool?", but after I have opened the box I can find the answer. What a very small card which just put in the space of the box. And then I follow the step to remove my PS2 front cover first.

Compare with Flip-top Cover, it is quite simple to do something to the console--I just need to remove the front cover of the DVD-rom and then the other parts still no change. It takes me about 3 minutes. and then like the picture besides.

OK, let's start to play with my PS2. After power on, insert the swap magic boot disc and wait for a moment, the screen like the picture besides have been came out: Insert Disc. But a problem is found that how do I change the disc by using that card?

From the menu it said" Insert the Slide-Tool UNDER the tray on the LEFT side. Leave a 2cm gap on the far left, and it should go in without any problem". However, in the first time of doing this, it really difficult to know am I doing right? Can the card lock the tray successfully? But of course after I have try several times to take it out and put it back there is no problem left. I can slide my card to the right.

Slide the card to the right, pull the tray out, change disc, then push it back and use the card to slide to the left to lock the tray. That so easy. After trying several times I can do all these procedures within 1 minutes. Of course compare with the changing disc procedure of Flip-top cover there is a little bit difficult. But I do believe that all guys can be an expert by doing all these procedures within 1 minutes after trying 2-3 times.

Lastly, after press the "X" button, got it!!


No need to modify your console. You just need to take away the front cover of the DVD-ROM. So it does NOT void your warranty.
Cheaper than the other similar tools such as Flip-top cover.

Compare with Flip-top cover, the procedure of changing disc is not simple, more step you should do.


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