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Premod PS2 Review by Wraggster


Im not a reviewer by trade but i do hopefully tell the truth and this is how i will do all the reviews from now on, this review wont be a super technical review that goes into such detail that it baffles you into submission but a review that tells you how it is from my point of view.


Ordering & Delivery

I Ordered the Premodded PS2 with the Matrix InfinityChip from Divineo Spain


For that i got the Silver Playstation 2, 2 Controllers ( Dual Shock and Silver of Course), Scart Lead and the Matrix Infinity Modchip Fitted.

The PS2 had a small delivery charge which was pretty good and was sent by courier to my wifes workplace where she signed for it, which makes me happy as it is a lot of money and the last thing i want is for the postman to have a free PS2 on me (not saying they would but its better to be as safe as possible)

The Delivery on the item stated 3 days and im happy to say that it did come on time and also it comes with a 1 year warrenty which takes the worry out of buying a PS2 and Modifying it yourself.

Playing it

Well got it home and plugged it in and then got down to testing it, first off trying it with a PS2 Demo Disc that came with the package, it played perfectly as you would expect. I then tested a few backups borrowed to me and i was surprised by how good they played, there was no stuttering on music or video which plagued my old PSone. My only bone of contention was the fact i had to go online to find out how to play Playstation 1 (back ups/Emulators) games on the PS2, Apparently you can update the Bios so that you can boot the Divx Player ( PS2 Media Player ), but i advise caution unless you know what you are doing as you dont want to mess things up. The great thing for me was to test out all the homebrew and Emulators that have been released so far that covers systems like the Snes, Genesis, Atari 5200, BBC Micro, Colecovision, Commodore 64, Mame, Master System, NES, SNES, Spectrum & Thompson.

Conclusion Good or Bad?

This for me was a great purchase, from buying it online through to the Delivery and then getting it home to play and try out as much as i could, only once have i had a game stutter but it worked perfectly after a clean, the PS2 has been going strong for 2 months now and im happy to say that im very happy with it.

The price is a good price to say that it covers the cost of a Brand new Silver console with a DMS3 chip fitted and the delivery charge was acceptable too.

So there you have it one mans review of a product brought, im no tech expert but if there was a prob i would say it.(and i would be annoyed that i wasted my hard earned money in the first place)

So a big thumbs up to Divineo USA for their service and product.


Heres a rundown of shops that are highly recommended selling the best in PS2 Modchips and Premoded Consoles:

Divineo Spain have the following PS2 Premodded Consoles and Modchips in stock.

HDLoader - NTSC Version HDLoader - PAL Version Blue Chip V7-V8 DMS3 V2.0 V1-V8 DMS3 V9-V10 Duo 2 SE V1-V10 Duo Chip V1-V8 F.14 V3-V8 Magic V Original V9 Mars Action II MA-302 V0-V8 Mars Action MA-201 V5-V8 Matrix Infinity V1-V10 Matrix MXL2 V3-V9 Messiah2 V2.0 V1-V10 Ripper2 Gold V3-V10 Slide Card Breaker Pro 1.1 PAL Version Swap Magic 3.0 + Breaker Pro 1.1 PAL Version Swap Magic 3.0 + Slide Card PAL Version Swap Magic 3.0 PAL Version Playstation 2 + DMS3 Playstation 2 + Duo 2 Playstation 2 + Matrix Infinity Playstation 2 + Matrix MXL2 Playstation 2 + Messiah2 Playstation 2 + Ripper2 Gold Playstation 2 Aqua + Duo 2 Playstation 2 Aqua + DMS3 (excellent) Playstation 2 Aqua + Matrix Infinity Playstation 2 Aqua + Matrix MXL2 Playstation 2 Aqua + Messiah2 Playstation 2 Aqua + Ripper2 Gold Playstation 2 Silver + Duo 2 Playstation 2 Silver + DMS3 Playstation 2 Silver + Matrix Infinity Playstation 2 Silver + Matrix MXL2 Playstation 2 Silver + Messiah2 Playstation 2 Silver + Ripper2 Gold

There you have it a full list of the best Worldwide shops selling the best in PS2 Premods and also PS2 Modchips


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