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Enigmah Review

This review was done by Xantium of Xbox Scene

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Installation was pretty easy.
No ic-legs and only 11 solderpoints on the Xboxboard. (on the backside of the xboxboard). It's pretty much like an enigmah install , but just with 11wires instead of 29 and no bios-jumper (auto).

The modchip worked perfectly as advertised. The "No-Patch" hack seems to be working correctly , all utils/games we tried worked. We also tried an import version of DOA3 , it worked without any problem.

The Messiah-X has a very professional design & look and is shipping now for $49.
Downside is that reset-trick-patch & HDD-swap-patch aren't implemented. China-Messiah told us they will probably upgrade their BIOS version soon thought.


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