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DMS3 Review


Buy Your DMS3 and new DMS3 Plus Modchip for PS2 from Divineo China

The DMS3 chip is an awsome chip. I have tested it on a v.7 and here are my findings:
This is what it claims to be able to do

~ Compatible with all PS2 USA, PAL and JAP Versions.
~ 23 Wire Installation
~ Direct-boot ALL PS2 games including backups, imports, originals, silvers and DVD9.
~ Direct-boot PSX games including backups, imports, originals, silvers and most anti-mod games.
~ Play all region DVD movies without Macrovision, RGB(Green-Screen) fixed.
~ Boot applications such as the PS2reality Media Player from memory card as soon as the system starts up.
~ Allows you to play online games that detect modchips.
~ Firmware Upgrade via CDR.
~ Use MegaMemory 8/16 memory cards just like an official Sony® memory card.

my test:
Had to upgrade from 1.0 to 1.1 code to fix DVD playback issues. Downloaded the iso from DMS3 home site,burned it and it worked great. If they can do all upgrades like this then this chip will truly be the end all of ps2 chips!!

PS2 DVD-r games = flawless
PS2 CD-r games = flawless
PS2 DVD9 MGS Substance (jap) = flawless
16 meg mem card compatibility = true
PS1 original wildarms 2(mod protected) = no
PS1 FF origins back up = flawless
PS1 original Growlancer (jap) = flawless
PS1 back up Growlancer (jap) = flawless
PS2 DVD rips (multiple titles) = working but some required a tap on the reset button once or twice. May be the media or the rip its self.
As for booting apps off the mem card I was not able to test it because I dont have them. But will let you know when I do.

Some feed back would be appreciated, let me know what you think.


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