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Apple Chip Review - Playstation 2 - thanks to PS2 NEWZ for the review.

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Apple Chip Review By: 123qazx

Test Console: NTSC SCPH-30001R V5 DATECODE 2A
Test Chip: Apple Chip bought from

Disassembly was just the v5 disassembly instructions, nothing special
Sorry no pics of the install, it looks like a messiah install
I used a 15-watt soldering iron and some flux
I used hot glue to keep the wires in place
I used 30 awg Kynar wire
This chip does not have the problem where the ps2 motherboard case wont close cause the chip is to thick. You can place the chip on the motherboard itself
To boot ps2 games
Hit eject, put the game in, hit eject, and while the tray is going in hit reset
To boot psx games
Hit eject, put the game in, hold reset till the ps2 turns off, let go of reset, hold reset until the first image comes on the screen
To boot dvd movies just put the movie in the drive under browser

PS2 Originals= All work
PS2 CDR= All work
PS2 DVD-R= All work
PSX Original= All work
PSX CDR= All work
PS2 EA Unpatched= All work
DVD Movies= All work
Gameshark codes work for both cdr and dvdr games

I used Verbatim Datalife Plus cdrs and I used apple dvdrs


The only problem with the chip shouldn’t even be considered a problem. The ps2 logo is a little messed up as its filled in a white box. Psx games are fine. You can use the boot image editor to fix up the prob but a lot of the images screw up with the white box too. A few of them work. Also anti mod psx games don’t work. I have heard only pal messiah consoles boot antimod psx games.

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