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Xecuter Xapter Review

Xecuter Xapter Review

All Thanks to Xantium for the review
>> Didn't have much time to work on reviews the last few weeks, so I'll try to catch-up over the next a few days. Here's the review for the Xapter already. SmartXX v2, X-Tender and more will follow soon.

Official Website::

Where to buy::
USA/Canada: ,

What's in the package::
* The Xecuter Xapter solderless adapter
* Special longer philips screw
* Rivets (optional install)
All packed and protected in a hard plastic box.


What you need to install it::
* a v1.0-v1.5 Xbox (not a v1.6)
* a TORX 10 and 20
* clear diagrams of "d0" point for your xbox version
* a modchip (it will work with the Xecuter2.x Lite/Pro and some other LPC modchips)

Install the Modchip::
The Xapter is a special adapter that will allow you to install an Xecuter2.x LITE and PRO modchip solderless. It comes to replace the old Xecuter2.x Lite Plus and the Xecuter2.x Solderless Adapter PCB.
The new solderless adapter (named 'Xapter') is using a technique we have seen before and proved its effectiveness. For the LPC point small pogopins are used that don't go 'over' the LPC holes but inside (unless you have an xbox v1.0 or early v1.1 with filled LPC holes of course). For the "D0" point they use a springwire (a 'hard/strong' wire that you can bend into the "D0 via" on the topside of the motherboard).

For the LPC points the pogopins don't require the use of "rivets" (some kinda small gold pins you can put in the LPC holes so the pogopins make good contact) but they are delivered at no extra costs with the adapter so in case you have problem you can try to use them. The plastic mold has a small "hole" so the adapter doesn't touch a capacitor on xbox v1.2+.
The link between the D0-springwire and headerpin#4 is internal (inside the mold).

The Xapter is working with all versions of the Xecuter2 Pro and Lite modchips (not X3!) and will work on any xbox from v1.0 to v1.5. It will not work on xbox v1.6.
So for all those that can't solder or don't know a friend that can do it for them this is the perfect solution to install their Xecuter2 modchip. Installation is fully solderless, easy, fast and with a low risk to destroy anything.
You just open your xbox, remove the screw near the LPC points, click in the Xapter into the LPC points. No difficult aligning of the LPC pogos like with early solderless solutions will be required as the LPC will go into the LPC holes. If you have an early xbox with LPC holes filled with solder it might be a bit more difficult to get each pogo on the right place.
After that you'll have to find the location of "D0" on your motherboard, bend the springwire into the point (via), screw in special screw delivered with the Xapter to fix it on the motherboard.
After that you'll just have to click your X2 modchip on the headerpin of the Xapter, close your Xbox and you're done!
A tutorial with the full installation instructions can be found on the Team Xecuter site here.

With the pogopins inside the LPC holes and the screw firmly holding the adapter in its place nothing should move and everything will stay stable.

+ Ultra easy and fast solderless install method.
+ "Springwire" is the best solderless method for "D0"
+ "Rivets" aren't required anymore - but delivered with the adapter in case you have connectivity problems.
+ No "aligning" difficulties for LPC points or "D0" point.
+ Adapter won't move easily - once installed all connections will stay stable.
+ Pogopin for each LPC point, allowing more modchip to work with the adapter.
+ The springwire and headerpin#4 are linked internally inside the mold.

- There's a big variation in price between shops and if the adapter is sold alone or in package, so be sure to pick the right shop.


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