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XB.I.T Modchip

Buy Yours From Divineo UK

Info page

X.B.I.T is the MOST ADVANCED modchip to date, manufactured by DMS Technologies. A completely solder less (uses spring-loaded pins connecting to LPC port) solution compatible with V1.0, V1.1, V1.2 and V1.3, from all three territories, which can be enabled or disabled with a flick of a switch. There's also an optional mode to turn off the MOD, by holding Eject, which requires soldering only 1 wire. Please note that the MODS are "flash free", the user chooses and programs the flash of his choice to the mod using the in-built USB programming system and included Mini-USB cable.

We expect our first shipment of the X.B.I.T's by the end of August.

Full Specifications:

• 2MB flash which can store a single 2MB flash or a mix of 256k,512k or 1MB BIOS files (Possible total of seven combinations).
• Completely solder free design, using spring loaded pins and a screw, providing fast, reliable and idiot proof installation.
• Compatible with V1.0, V1.1, V1.2 and V1.3.
• Built in programmer, for sending flash files from PC to MOD.
• Flashing operations controlled by onboard HID compliant USB controller.
• Optional connectors with pre-prepared wire, for those that wish to connect the MOD by soldering.
• Disable and Enable Switch, MOD status LED indicator and a Mini USB connector (for flash file transfer) on an external “control panel”.
• Compatible with all third party flash files. Multi-Bios support.
• Optional Eject switch reset, requires soldering only 1 wire.
• All MODS packaged in anti-static bags for prevention of ESD damage.
• PC flash file transfer software included.
• Slick PC software G.U.I. allows easy interface to device
• Mini USB cable included.
• User support through online forums (Launching 07/2003).
• Colour coordinated PCB’s.
• High quality branded components.

*Solderless solution uses spring-loaded pins connecting to LPC port.

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