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Hais Cooling Fan

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A while back, I got a bunch of stuff from Lik-Sang for my DC, one of the items being the cooling fan. During the summer, my room gets extremly hot and if Im not out doing somthing with friends, I am spending long hours with my dreamcast. Well, I noticed that when she got warm, my VCD player would skip often, and games wouldnt run as well as they would normally.

-Solves DC overheating problems
-Compact and unique design
-DC Power Adapter (220V) included
-Easy to install, just plug into backside of your DC

Force ambient air ventilation by blowing air inside your DC console. This is the perfect accessory for continuous game playing. With a compact and unique design, this easy-to-install cooler is not only functional, but also stylish. A perfect solution to your Dreamcast overheating problem.

Well, put it on, and plugged it in to the back of the DC. When I was about to plug it in I noticed something strange. Instead of the 2 flat pronged electrical plug, I found a 2 round thick Chinese pronged electrical plug...big problem. 2 hours and $5 later, I had a Canadian 220v adapter and plugged it into the DC. To make sure this worked, I kept the DC on for the 2 hours I was out, and I came back and it was skipping as usual. I attached the fan, and about 10 minutes later it was running fine. Job done.

The cooling fan does what it says - cools you Dreamcast. It doesnt do it as well as other things (liquid cooled, etc.), but its good for a cheap mod.

Hais Colling Fan
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Reviewer: [Code-Red]