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X-ecutor 2 Lite Review

This review was done by Lilmucker

Buy Your Xecuter 2 Lite modchip from Divineo UK

I awoke on new years eve, bleary eyed, and staggered downstairs.

After running back upstairs to throw some clothes on and make myself less like the bride of frankenstien. About 20 minuites later i returned and was surprised to see my mum only lapse into a coma instead of the usual screaming and going into a fit for 3 hours at seeing my face. I could tell today would be a good day.
On the worktop (counter) there was a small white jiffy bag addressed to me. I was surprised on two counts, one that i got any mail at all, and two that i got something at christmas.
I eagerly teared open the small package and lo-and-behold inside were the following items:

Today was a very good day.
Let me explain. In the photo above there are 5 items:
1 x padded bag that held this little lot (underneath)
1 x X2-Lite Preview (center)
1 x 10 wire adaptor (right) [tutorial]
1 x Pin header adaptor (bottom) [tutorial]
1 x Pin header Earth and d0 connector (left)

I was planning to put this in my new v1.1 Xbox as that has a Samsung drive, and as we all know, the samsungs will read all media. It also had a 20gig HDD in it... it CAME with these... in the UK... I know, two great thing happeneing in a console purchase are not very common.
Naturally I was anxious to fit this right away, but unfortunately I'd broken my soldering iron in a fit of rage, and after buying the new Xbox I was a little strapped for cash. This means it would be a little while before i could pay the £53 to replace it with one of the same quality... sigh, start saving...

While I was waiting for the nessercary cash to accumulate, i investigated on which was better, pin header install, or 10 wire install.
While considering this dialemma I entered the Xecuter Site to see what was up. This was where I saw this movie. This convinced me of the 10 wire install, rather than having to take the main board out fully for the pin header.
I was now resolute, i counted my pennies and headed to the shops during lunch time at school.

I bought a 20w fine pointed soldering iron for £9.50, and some flux cored solder. Luckily this day I had a study after noon, so i went home early. I immediately gathered the tools i would require and ran upstairs to me desk.
I quickly tore open my Xbox (live on the video feed function of my webcam) and bore down on the main board clutching a cold soldering iron and the 10 wire adaptor.
Unfortunately the soldering iron took a while to warm up, so i was sitting there making sure i didn't burn anything, getting rather impatient, when finally it melted some solder... unfortunately this dripped onto the padded bag that theX2-Lite came in, but no worries.

The main coloured wires went on very easily, even for somone like me who isn't exactly the BEST solderer in the world, even with the gaping holes of the v1.1 main board. After about a minuite or two i had the main coloured wires attached and secure. I attached the ground, and set about attaching d0

20 minuites later I was still on d0, it would not connect properly, i even almost had a heart attack where i thought i may have scraped off the traces. Then I realised what I was doing wrong. with my first failure of this, the solder on the wire itself had come off, DOH!
I then decieded to fix the X2 Lite in place on the metal casing beofre trying again, as the first time around this had dislodged the wire. I cut, stripped, and tinned the wire over again and tried again, still no luck! By this time my mum had complained of cries like:
"get in the a**eing hole"
"get in the hole you grey metal b*****d"
"why didn't i pay somone to do this?!"

Don't let these sentiments discourage you, I found a good solution to my problem, (outlined here) et voila! Hooked up!

All things considered I think this was MUCH easier than I was expecting.

Now then, we're onto USE of the mod.
I booted up my Xbox and danced around the room in joy to see the XECUTER2 logo on the boot up screen, I threw a EVO-X cd-r into the drive (samsung, woohoo) and booted it up, i had included just about all the homebrew progs that i cared any for.
Unfortunately the OpenXDK programs didn't work. but doubtless this will be sorted in future versions of the bios. But everything else worked as wellas expected.
Flashing the chip with Evo-X was a breeze, the jumper for on/off was a great addition.

The much hyped IGR was the best feature i have seen in a bios since the inclusion of HDD support. i think this is the best part! a simple push of L + R + Start + Back at the same time and you're back to the dash. The booting from evoXdash.xbe > neXgendash.xbe > xboxdash.xbe is such a good plan!
I was more than just impressed by this mod, i was effin' extatic. Unfortunately i need to sort out the network port in the room with the xbox, and find a peice of CAT5 long enough to reach the plug from the xbox, before I can explore the true potential of all this homebrew properly.

Ease of Install : 7/10
Bios Features : 9/10
General Ease of Use : 9/10

Total : 8.3/10

Conclusion : The best mod chip since the invention of the bread mod in 1885

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