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GBA/SP Super Memory Stick 4M Review

BUY The GBA/SP Super Memory Stick 4M from SUCCESS

Product: GBA/SP Super Memory Stick 4M
Supplier: Success
Price: US$8
Reviewer: Yu

GBA/SP SUPER MEMORY STICK 4M is the first GBA/SP Memory Stick in the world! Compact size and comes with colorful outlook! GBA/SP Super Memory Stick (SMS) is the greatest product for GBA game cartridge save data backup. In the past, the GBA game cartridge save data is stored in GBA cartridge.As we know, most cartridges need a battery to save the game data and game save. The save data will lost, if the battery in cartridge is depleted. In addition, some users want to backup their import data like process/degree/level etc to other place in order to keep the game data for long. Furthermore, the save slots are not enough in some games. Most players have to give some game saves in order to make room for new game save. So, GBA memory is invented to tackle the above problems. GBA memory stick is designed to backup GBA game save data to SMS from any original GBA cartridge . Now user can backup their important data or procedure, even exchange the game save record with your friend! And this item is 100% legal product since it just backup and exchange the game save record. You don't need to worry about the copyright issue at all!

1. Auto-detect cartridge memory type.
2. backup/restore/delete/overwrite data.
3. Copy data between two different SMS.
4. Format SMS
5. Immediate Running game in card, don't need to re-power GBA

GBA Memory Stick is really small

1. The product size is very small suit to carry (same with the computer's mini USB-disk).
2. Support large memory sizes to backup data (from 4Mb to 64Mb).
3. Dynamic memory manage, can backup different game save data length.
4. Support ALL GBA cartridge memory type, including 32K/64K SRAM, 512Mb/1Mb FLASH , 4Kb/64Kb EEPROM. Even the third-party not-official memory type (need to upgrade BIOS).
5. The data in SMS can be exchange. Now all user can change their favorite game's save record between personal GBA cartridge when you own one SMS.
6. Fast data backup/restore. Just need few seconds.
7. Use the high-speed FLASH MEMORY IC to save the game record,don't need any battery to keep the data,the SMS data can store over 50 years safely.
8. Support all kinds (Europe/USA/JAP/HK....) and all version of GBA/GBA-SP/Game Cube GBA-PLAYER.

To conclude, this memory stick is a useful tool, especially for RPG fans since it can store many valuable game saves and keep them for a long time. In addition, with this memory stick, you can easily exchange the game save data with your friends. So, you and your friends can share the good stuff in the game!!


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