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DCVcd Player Review Get yours from Lik Sang

DCVCD Player

Price Maker System Where To Buy
$25.90 US Unknown Dreamcast Lik-Sang
I bought Dreammovie, the DC VCD Player a while ago and I thought I would post my review.

-Watch VCD movies (not DVD!) on your Dreamcast machine.
-Compatible with all Dreamcast models.
-Easy to use, no internal modifications required.
-Comes with remote control for enhanced control.
Finally you can also watch VCD (not DVD!) movies on your Dreamcast machine. The Dream VCD Player supports all usual functions such as forward, backward, volume control, etc. The attached remote allows wireless control of your movies.
Whats In The Box
-Dream VCD addon.
-VCD utitlity disc.
-Remote Control.

When I first recieved this, I was hyper. I was so excited that I could play all my VCD movies on my Dreamcast, and on the road (couldnt bring my VCD player, costs too much). But after I inserted the infra-red part into the controller spot, booted up Terminator 2: SE, I found that it was not quite what I expected.

The quality is alright, a little downsized from PC and Home VCD players, but not too much. Unforchanetly, all of my movies that I tested ran slow. On a speed percentage scale, I'd say they ran about 70%-80%. If you are tollerant like I am, no problem.

Just like watching a VCD on your Home/PC, the sound is alright, nothing special. However, when the Dreamcast gets a little heated, the movie will start to skip, and after it recovers the audio wont be inline with the video (I mean the audio will be like 1 second off when its supposed to play).

I liked the remote and infra-red remote control. They are built kinda cheap, but hey, it works.

If you have some money to spend, and your tolerant, this is a good buy.

Dreammovie Dreamcast Video Cd Player
$25.90 US
$39.30 CAN
26.15 EUR

Reviewer: Code-Red


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