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Swap Magic Discs Review - Playstation 2 - thanks to PS2 NEWZ for the review.

Swap Magic Discs(PAL) By- _404

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Test Console: v5 PAL unit with no solder modchip.

psx cdr: not supported

multi-region dvd: not supported

ps2 cdr:

Half Life PAL -booted

Guilty Gear X - booted

MLB Slugfest 2003 - booted

Everblue- booted

All Star Pro Wrestling 2- booted

Capcom VS SNK 2 Millionaire Fighting2001 JAP PS2- booted


devil may cry ps2 kalisto

Red_Faction- disc1 worked disc2 failed

socom US Navy Seals(kal)- failed

Socom US Navy Seals(soulps2)- failed


final fantasy X- booted

grand tourismo3- booted

metal gear solid2- booted

metal gear solid2(HK DVD SILVER)- failed

kingdom Hearts- booted


army men: sarges heroes2- failed

devil may cry- failed (every disc)

Red_Faction- booted

socom US Navy Seals(kal)- failed

Socom US Navy Seals(soulps2)- failed

Nascar Thunder 2003- booted

EA games:

madden 2001- booted

fifa world cup 2002- booted

original imports:

dont have any, sorry =(

conclusions: As some of you may notice the swap magic cd disc played pretty much ever cd based game i threw at it and played them just as well as my action replay2. some of the ps2 cdr games were HK silvers but that made no difference they all ran flawlessly. the menu screens load very fast and you will be playing your games within seconds of booting your games. most dvd games ran just as well as the cdr games with the exeption of a copy of metal gear solid2 hk dvd silver i was given this is the only HK dvd silver i have but it was important to note that it did not run at all every time i tried to boot it with the swap magic dvd disc. Dvd Rips were another story most of them had problems and some that i didnt mention would boot to the title screen and then freeze including army men:sarges heroes and the soulps2 version of socom. the kalisto rip ran for a bit longer then freeze during loading. unpatched ea games are also not a problem with the swap magic discs. the downside of the discs is that there is no psx support and no multi-region dvd support like the latest action replay disc set. the results of dvd rips was also a bit hurtful. this may have to do with the toc of the games. i tried to put the swap magic cd version in my drive to verify its toc but it would not load up on my cdrom drive, i suspect its protected somehow so i cannot tell what the toc limitation is exactly but it does seem to play some dvd rip games. if your looking for something to play your ps2 cd and dvd games then this could be what your looking for. if your looking for booting psx and foreign dvds then its best to get the action replay.

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