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MAGIC3 Review - Playstation 2 - thanks to PS2 NEWZ for the review.

Magic3 Test On Version 4R PS2 By- LOD

Buy Yours from Divineo China

Just as the messiah2 team, the magic team was kind enough to send us some of the very first samples of the magic3 modchip. We would like to thank them for all their generous support. :)
Picture of the installation

Test Chip: Magic 3

Magic 3 features:
22 Wire install
Auto Detect Version type
Supports GS/AR With Codes
Direct Boot All Media PS1/PS2 & Imports

Test Console: NTSC SCPH 30001R (V4R)
Serial Starts with U0
Barcode PT204316565
Date Code 1C
Bios: D110 040 / B10 040

Tools used: 15 watt fine tip iron, solder, flux & 30awg Wire

Our Magic3 mod samples came some time ago. Unfortunately the v3 unit we tested on had a failing laser and so we had to abort the test using that unit and begin our search for another test console. Once again the installation was fairly straightforward but did have some significant differences to its predecessor, the magic2.The magic 3 now only needs one power source and generates much less heat and less current than the Magic 2. In addition 1 less controller wire connection is needed compared to the Magic 2. As usual, the novice should not attempt this kind of install. please find a professional installer to install the chip for you. The install went without any problems and now I began the media tests.

Media Test Results: All below are working and are NTSC format

Original (Ready to rumble)
Backup (Twisted Metal Black Small Brawl)

DVD Movie
DVD Region 1 – (Meet the Parents) - No Skipping

PS2 Games
PS2 CD Original (Unreal Tournament)
PS2 CDR (Simpson’s Road Rage)
PS2 DVD Originals (Dynasty Warriors 3)
PS2 DVDR (Stuntman)
HK DVD Silver (Metal Gear Solid 2)
Un-Patched EA Game (Guilty Gear X)
AR2/GS2 (High Heat Baseball 2002) WITH CODES

PS1 color fix For NTSC v1-6 NOT NEEDED
Failures: NONE I don’t have that wide of range of media that includes other regions.

Its seems the Messiah 2 will have some strong competition with the Magic 3. Hopefully this will only make these direct boot chips better and cheaper and more future proof compared to earlier versions and that is good for everyone. The word is out that there is a Magic 3 Clip in the works as I write this. This should make it easier for the novice solderer to install the Magic 3. I am sure the samples that were sent to PS2newz are indeed prototypes and the final code may vary. Lets hope all is kept stable when the final version is released.



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