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Rise Of The Triad PSP v0.99

get it here

This is a PSP adoptation of Rise Of The Triad, 1st person shooter, originally developed by 3drealms/Apogee.
Special thanks to people @, who developed the SDL/linux version of the game.
Please read the attached documents for credits and other information.

If you are unfamiliar with the game please read this great article:

- added music support via timidity (read installation instructions below)
- overclocked the CPU to 333Mhz - the game seems to run smoother


- select between the shareware and full versions (shareware game files are included;
you can purchase the full version from
1.5 users: copy contents of 1.5 folder to ms:/PSP/GAME
1.0 use EBOOT.PBP from 1.0 folder with data files from 1.5 folder (make sure your include .rott directory)
2.0 Please let me know if either version works with the latest eboot loader for 2.0 firmware

If you own the full version of the game use the EBOOTs from the "full" directory with the DARK WAR data files.

If you want music support, make sure to copy timidity.cfg & instruments folder in to ms:/PSP/GAME/rott
The compact (no thrills) timidity version is provided in shareware 1.5 folder.
If you want quality music, download
and copy timidity.cfg & instruments direcory from there.
The downside: the full version is large (~17MB) and is going to
pause the game for ~10 sec every time music changes. If you have time, you may want to experiment
with sounds and create a custom midi mapping for the game...

Due to ovious PSP limitations, some game functions are not mapped in the default key configuration.
If you don't like the control layout/functions - you can re-assign them in the controls menu.

THIS IS STILL A BETA VERSION! So it may be a bit unstable.
Refer to original documentation for details on game play.
Network/multiplayer modes are not supported in this release, but you should be able to use some multiplayer levels in
"exploration" mode
!There seems to be a problem with the cut scene in the begining of the 1st level.
So if you see a black screen, hit enter/space a few times to speed up the load process...

NETWORK/MULTIPLAYER SUPPORT - hmm, this may take a while

Rise Of The Triad PSP v1.0

get it here
source code

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