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Interview with: Linuzappz


Date: 2002

The Interview

Wraggster : Can you tell us where were you born, where you live, your family details,etc.?
Linuzappz : I'm from Argentina and i still live there :), about the rest i keep it for myself.

Wraggster : What qualifications do you have?
Linuzappz : I know C/C++/Assembler, a bit of java/delphi, and i code in linux/win32.

Wraggster : What made you get into computers?
Linuzappz : When i was 6 (i'm 19 now) my parents bought a computer, but just at the age
of 16 i started coding (i bought a linux dist. :).

Wraggster : What projects/coding have you done previous to your PCSX Emulator.?
Linuzappz : The first project i helped coding was SOPE, i wasn't good at that time but it helped me understand emus, after that i contributed in the FPSE for Linux, for the versions befoe the 0.9 one. Also i coded a gpu plugin, gpuDx7, but it wasn't good ;).

Wraggster : What made you choose to do an emulator for the Playstation?
Linuzappz : The psx is a great console, it has great games and also the games come in cds, this is very convenient for us ;).

Wraggster : How did you start and what programs did you use to start coding PCSX?
Linuzappz : I didn't started pcsx, NoComp and Shadow did that, i started helping sometime after the first release, when NoComp left. And curretly we use for win32 Visual C++ 6.0 and for linux gcc/pgcc and midnight commonder (text
editor) in my case.

Wraggster : Can you give us a status update on your emulator?
Linuzappz : Sure :), the most improvement from the 1.3 version is speed, and also more accurate vsync timing, this means that now vsyncs are half slower than before, but as the emu is now 30-40% faster than before the games run much better (smooth) with the same fps than before (in general), also some more games are working now: PE2, Legend of Mana, and some more. But we still need some more time to test the changes we've made before the release.

Wraggster : How hard was it getting your PCSX emulator to work and how can you improve it?
Linuzappz : Well, NoComp/Shadow made a very good job with the first pcsx release, after that we continued researching, fixing and improving it up to these days ;). It's sometimes quite hard and frustrating but since this is a thing we do in our spare time we just keep trying :).

Wraggster : Do you have any new projects in the pipeline?
Linuzappz : The other project Shadow and me (also GoldFinger) are coding is pcsx2 (pcsx2.ngemu.com), that's the first ps2 emu :). I also have several psx/psx2 plugins, mainly for linux.

Wraggster : Whats your opinion of the Xbox and PS2 Emulation Scenes and which wouldbe the most promising for you?
Linuzappz : I haven't heard of anyone trying to code a Xbox emu, but there are already a few ps2 emus in the work :).

A big thanks to Linuzappz for a great Interview. :)