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Interview with: 007Cheater

Homepage: http://www.dcemulation.com/

Date: 2001

The Interview

Wraggster: Where was you born,live and family details etc?
007Cheater: I was born in Fountain Valley, California Raised in Huntington Beach and Santa Ana most of my childhood, I have a mom and a step dad, my real dad isn't around but still cares for me. I have an older step brother and step sister.

Wraggster: What qualifications do you have?
007Cheater: I have many qualifications, mostly computers and windows, I believe I know windows better then bill gates does himself, I can do almost anything and solve any problem, if something should work I can make it work, I also have programming experience with the lightest touch to create programs to make my life easier and others as well, if needed. I am good at troubleshooting and fixing computers and im always up to date with the latest technology trends and advances, I almost always know when I can make a website and if it can be popular, its just a matter of whether I want to do it or not. Either way, I do it for the pure hobby and the fact that I love doing it and making the net a better place. I can make something fun, more fun and more popular in the meantime.

Wraggster: What made you get into computers?
007Cheater: I got into computers for longer then I could remember, I played a game called gertruids castle on Apple 2. I got my first PC in 5th grade and I loved every bit of it, I loved putting the games like doom and wolfenstien and stuff like that, I would play it all day. I finally got me own PC and played more advanced games, I tinkered with my computer, broke it many times and had my dad help me fix it, eventually I was able to fix it myself and build them myself, I made it my goal to break things, just so I could fix them. I loved sitting there on it, messing with things, seeing what certain buttons do and what don't do. This was windows of course so I knew windows inside and out. I still do infact, I never have problems with any of my software that was not problemed to begin with. Its just something I picked up over time. I can tell you if you need a certain dll file or not to.

Wraggster: What prompted you to start a Dreamcast Emulation site?
007Cheater: After making a previous site and being sucessful, I have been a fan of emulation for years, always checked my favorite sites for news, I saw the first emu's popup which were boobboy and sintendo and such, and other software. I said jeez.. its great that all this stuff is available, but the average PC user is going to say hey, where do I get the Dreamcast roms, because they think its a PC Dreamcast Emu, so I made it my goal to make dcemu, a site that was informative, helpful to newbies and most of all local downloads. After researching a bit to see what was out there, I saw no pizaz or excitement going on to the public, so I made that happen, I made it exciting because people now knew what was going on.

Wraggster: what were your plans at the begining?
007Cheater: When I first started dcemu, my friend said he wanted to make his own site, I told him a really good site right now would be to make a dreamcast emulation site, so this was more for his learning purposes, it went slow at first as websites do and eventually started getting big, he had never made a website before so he had no idea what he was doing, eventually ( after like 2 days ) I took it from him since he was a lazy ass and decided to help him run it better.

Wraggster What was the thing that kicked the site off into a substancial site in the emulation scene?
007Cheater: I really am not sure what kicked it in, the fact that I was a site dedicated to dcemu and dcemu only and not trying to be like every other site on the net, I was based on one console as well, not interested in all of them, because that scares people away. I got support from other sites because of all the effort that had been done writing tutorials, posting information on everything and updating information faster then anyone else could update. Getting exclusives was also a big plus. People fill more at home with the way I put dcemu together.

Wraggster: Do you see any moderisation to your site and moving it into new directions?
007Cheater: I have no plans to move it in new directions, my hobby is to make sites, that have a niche, that is all, to fill a gap and improve on it to a better state then it is in, bring it main stream kind of. I have done my job and now a ton of people are making similar sites because of the sucess of dcemu, I will keep running dcemu and do not wish to run other sites or move dcemu to other directions, it should stay dedicated to Dreamcast until the end, I will then pursue other endevours.

Wraggster: what has impressed you most about the Dreamcast scene?
007Cheater: I had no idea it has gotten as big as it got, I was only expecting something like 2,000 hits a day, I had no idea I would get 20,000 unique hits a day, its madness. Although that's what you need to do when you make sites, no one should expect massive hits.

Wraggster: How high can emulation go on the dreamcast and how long do you think the scene will last?
007Cheater: It was last for atleast another year, we will see more games and other emulators and etc, as long as devers continue to mess with it we will get new things to keep us interested.

Wraggster: Do you have any new projects in the pipeline ?
007Cheater: I have a few sites I have been working on, I can't release the details as of now but you will see more of me in different subjects and ideas in the future.

Wraggster: Whats your opinion of the new super consoles like X-box,Gamecube,Game Boy Advance and the Playstation 2?
007Cheater: My opinion is they are great consoles and will be very sucessful im sure, but as for them and emulation, do to the fact none of them can operate without require a mod chip or something of that manner, its almost impossible to make it massively main stream.

Wraggster: Which console looks the best for devving on?
007Cheater: Xbox and GBA, but that wont be main stream at all because they can't play burned stuff, but perhaps xbox may have some things to be discovered but nothing can be proven until its released. GameCube will be near impossible to dev for, because of the way its setup to be a gaming only platform.

Wraggster: What are your favourite games for every system you have owned?
007Cheater: I really can't list my favorite games, because I love games, but the first games I loved as a child were sonic and mortal kombat, I was a big mortal kombat fan.

Wraggster: Your thoughts on the Dreamcast Emulation/Development Scene and how can it be improved?
007Cheater: The dreamcast scene is the best it can get, I have done everything possible to help the scene, tutorials, covers, even teach you how to get ready to dev on your own. There is not much farther to go from by me, but others can help develop better and advanced technologies.

Wraggster: what are your opinion of all your staff members past and present and how valued was their contribution to the site?
007Cheater: I loved my staff members, although they were sometimes cruel and not understanding and wanting to be in charge, they were helpful the best they could be. I valued there help with uttermost respect, DCEMU would not be AS good as it is now, if it was not for there contribution.

Wraggster: what mistakes have you made if you have and what would you say to rectify them ?
007Cheater: My biggest mistake was letting people tell me what to do, I made dcemu what it was and staff members helped out a ton as well, but the fact that they did not give me credit and I gave them credit and they treated my like a disrespect to all, that was my mistake, letting that happen. I made some mistakes with choice of ops / admins and etc.. and got those fixed as well. Its all in the past and it is the future now.

Wraggster: how good is the community at Dcemulation?
007Cheater: Phe community is pretty good at this point, everyone is very supportive and understanding and helpfull.

Wraggster: if you could change things that were done etc what would you do?
007Cheater: I would of came up with the rules I did sooner, then this scene would of been twice as good then it is now.