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Interview with: Forgotten


Date: 2001

The Interview

Wraggster: Where was you born, live and family details etc?
Forgotten: I am from South America, 27 years old, married and an expectant father.

Wraggster: What qualifications do you have?
Forgotten:I am professional software developer with skills in C/C++, Java and debugging.

Wraggster: What made you get into computers?
Forgotten:I liked computers since the first time I got my hands in one. I think I was born to be developer.

Wraggster: What started you into emulating the GameBoy?
Forgotten:I found some documentation on the Gameboy with technical details. My first computer was a MSX (Z80) and the Gameboy also has Z80 chip. I got interest because of that.

Wraggster: VisualBoy is a fantastic emulator, do you think that you have reached perfection there?
Forgotten: No chance. It is really hard to emulate a machine as simple as the Gameboy. Timing issues and some small details on internal registers make it very hard to emulate. The emulator works very well with almost everything but there are small glitches here and there.

Wraggster: How did you start and what programs did you use to start coding?
Forgotten:The first version of VisualBoy was made in Java. It worked really well until I had to start doing line rendering. I then switched to C and Direct X and that's where I stand now.

Wraggster: In your opinion how does your emulator (visualboy) compare with with the other Gameboy Emus on Pc?
Forgotten: I don't like to make comparisons. I am happy with the emulator. It is up to users to judge which one they like best. I am now only working on VisualBoyAdvance which contains VisualBoy but some emulation sites don't list it as a Gameboy emulator, which makes me a little sad sometimes.

Wraggster: Tell us about your Visual Boy Advance Emulator and how well it is doing so far?
Forgotten:This emulator at first seemed easier to emulate but there are several unknown details to me yet which causes strange hangs, resets and glitches. It is progressing well, an SDL port is almost ready (including a built-in debugger). Also, a Linux port is almost there as well.

Wraggster:Any information on your projects and any updates to these planned?
Forgotten:A new version is almost ready today (Saturday), which includes fixes, new features and support for translations.

Wraggster: Have you considered porting your emus to other platforms like Linux,Dreamcast etc?
Forgotten: VisualBoyAdvance will be ported to Linux. There is a BeOS port going on which I need to get a little more status on it. VisualBoy had a Dreamcast port (Boob!Boy) but I am not updating it anymore. I may go open source sometime next year and that should help making more ports.

Wraggster: Whats your opinion of the new super consoles like X-box,Gamecube,Game Boy Advance and the Playstation 2?
Forgotten: I haven't had a chance to look at all these new consoles yet. I've seen the PS2 on a store but I didn't play. I am waiting to see the GameCube and X-Box which I may buy one of them.

Wraggster:Which console looks the best for devving on and in your opinion who will win the console war and why?
Forgotten:This is not an easy question, but I would assume that X-Box has to be treated as threat to the other consoles as it is almost like programming to a Windows machine and that should make it easier to port games over. PS2 is hard to program as I read all over the console web sites and GameCube is easier compared to PS2. I hope the best wins.

Wraggster: What are your favourite games for every system you have owned?
Forgotten:On MSX, Zanac.
On Amiga, I can't remember the name :-(
On PC, Warcraft.
On Gameboy, Tetris.
On GameboyAdvance, Mario Kart.

Wraggster: Whats your favourite Emulator and what do you think the next big breakthrough in the emulation scene?
Forgotten: I really like Snes9x. I think that more and more, dynamic recompiling is necessary to keep up with the new consoles.

Wraggster: Your thoughts on the PC Emulation/Development Scene and how can it be improved?
Forgotten:I would really love to have the users only email when they have a real problem. There are always people who email and are using old versions, don't read the read me and things like that. Also, emulator developers have to listen to their users (when it makes sense). I try to listen to all suggestions I receive, but I have to pick the ones I think make sense.