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Interview with: Lord Cheese


Date: 2001

The Interview

Wraggster: Where was you born, live and family details etc?
Lord Cheese: I was born, and currently live in Dublin, Ireland. I also attended school
there, and am going to college in dublin too at the end of september

Wraggster: What made you get into computers and what qualifications do you have?
Lord Cheese:computers sorta just happened. i got a megadrive for christmas one year,
and got hooked :) a PC came soon after, and well, I just liked them and got interested.
As for qualifications, I have 0 :)

Wraggster: What made you get into the Dreamcast Homebrew scene?
Lord CheeseI always liked Sega's consoles and the Dreamcast was a nice piece
of hardware, so I thought it would be good to get into. However, I don't really have the time to code demos for the dreamcast, which I would love to do soon enough.

Wraggster: What projects are you working on at the moment?
Lord Cheese:just Dreamemu atm

Wraggster: Do you see an update to your great project?
Lord Cheese: yeah, ive been updating quite a bit lately, and there will be more to
come :)

Wraggster: What emulators would you like to either try or see comeout on the
Lord Cheese:there has been a bit of a flood of emulator ports onto the dreamcast,
which i suppose is both good and bad. if I had to shoose, id like to see a port of ePSXe or FPSE, and prehaps a HLE N64 emulator

Wraggster:With Bleemcast being released and the great success at getting a
playstation emu on the Dreamcast,what other high end systems do you see being emulated?
Lord Cheese: there is a limit to what you can do. its not like a pc where u can constantly
upgrade. In my own opinion, a N64 emulator could be obtainable, but using very high-level
emulation techniques and good expolitation of the powervr chip. i doubt anything
newer could be got to run at a suitable speed, tho you can never know :)

Wraggster: what is your favourite game of all time
Lord Cheese:i dont think i have a fav game - there are alot of great games out there
that i have played, and some are better than others in some parts and vice-versa.
final fantasy VII in particular had a profound effect on me.

Wraggster:How do you see the future as regards to which system will be the
main one for homebrew coders like your self?
Lord Cheese:for demo development, is depends on how easily to dev for it. GBA seems
to have a really kick-ass scene at the moment. dreamcast is a very accessible machine to
code (no modchips etc.) but hasnt really taken off. nintendo console usually have a strong
homebrew following, so the gamecube homebrew scene could be interesting to watch.

Wraggster: What software would you like to see on the dreamcast? for example
mp3 players etc?
Lord Cheese:i guess just some more really excellent software titles, but prehaps a
music player with some wacky visual display while its being displayed would be cool

Wraggster: Does it inspire you to progress further with Dreamemu now that you
have competition?
Lord Cheese:yeah, competition is a major player. back when it was just dreamemu and
dreamer, i wasnt really that motivated.now with boobcast (and dreamer's commercial game support) showing so much promise, i have to work hard to beat their asses (sorry cyrus/elsemi :)!