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Interview with: burnerO


Date: 2001

The Interview

Wraggster: Where was you born, live and family details etc?
burnerO: Andrews, Texas (small town), now in Dallas. I have a sister eight years older than me, but she's been moved out for at least the last five. My parents are both educators.

Wraggster: What qualifications do you have?
burnerO: Does failing computer science count? Seriously, just selftaught. I've learned everything from reading docs and just picking away at and deciphering source code.

Wraggster: What made you get into computers?
burnerO I've been fascinated since I was child. We had macs in school and we'd do basic programming on them, putting colorful patterns on the screen and other nonsense. I was often on my dads computer with DOS/Win311. When I was twelve or so I got a 120mhz machine. We had a slip dialup account for the net, which was lame, but I was hooked.

Wraggster: What projects/coding have you done?
burnerO: Just small programs, things to manipulate text etc. A batch file to change the start icon in win95. Nothing of any significance.

Wraggster: Can you Tell us how you got into the scene and what made you start programming for the Dreamcast?
burnerO: Running emu's through the tv was nothing new for me, but I'd always liked it. Running Kgen on a PC is great experience. (It stretches fullscreen due to the resolution.) I'd kept up with Dreamcast news since Gleem, but bought one after hearing the rumors of a genesis emulator. I haven't honestly coded anything that can be visual seen on a Dreamcast, though I'd love to try some day. Before I even had a dc I did a menu screen for Sintendo.

Wraggster: How did you start and what programs did you use to start coding?
burnerO: I started off with just a limited knowledge of basic, how to read/write/modify files, execute programs etc. Along the way I stumbled on RapidQ Basic, a free visual basic clone. One of its main advantages is that the executables are self-contained, so programs don't require dlls or installation. Unfortunately it's since been discontinued. For DOS I use Moonrock, another free compiler.

Wraggster: Can you tell us about Selfboot Buddy and how its progressing and compatibility?
burnerO: Selfboot Buddy was an idea spawned from the same questions being asked repetitively on the Cd Burning Forums. It basically simplifys the Echelon tutorial into a few simple steps. There are issues though. Cdrecord isn't compatible with everyones burners, especially Usb. Personally, I still use Cdrecord though for burning. Selfboot Buddy for DOS is still progressing. I've gotten most of the issues resolved. There's always stiff competition, but there's room for everyone. Essentially a batch file can almost do the same thing hundreds of lines of code can. Selfboot Buddy for windows will be updated as required. I've had a request for a customized version, and that will happen eventually. So far I haven't had any bug reports that weren't Cdrecord issues.

Wraggster: Tell us about Wraggster and your hopes and aspirations for it?
burnerO: Wraggster was the answer to the downfall of Dcemulation. It's not that Dcemu won't continue to succeed, just that the staff will remain mediocre. I know Wraggster will succeed eventually. We have a great staff and the news posters are excellent. I'd love to see the site redesigned, but am unsure when (if) this will happen. Relatively soon the emu pages will be launched, and everything will be in place.

Wraggster: What programs have helped you on the dreamcast?
burnerO: If you're referring to taking large amounts of time from me then FrNES, NesterDC, and Smeg are all great emulators. I'm a NES fan without the emulators though, and have a few hundred actual carts. Gypplay and Diss are also fun to play with.

Wraggster: What emu/app/sotware would you like to see come out for the dreamcast scene and why?
burnerO: Some type of Klik n Play engine. (lame eh?) Since I know better than to request a Neogeo emu, I'd like to see DreamSNES accomplish full speed. A zipped bitmap viewer with captions would also be nice since jpgs are lossy.

Wraggster: Whats your opinion of the new super consoles like X-box,Gamecube,Game Boy Advance and the Playstation 2?
burnerO: A Gba would be nice with Loopys Pocketnes. Playstation 2 really has no future. It will be interesting to see the X-box, but the Gamecube currently has my vote. I can't imagine Microsoft making a console that read cdrs after the XP release.

Wraggster: Which console looks the best for devving on and in your opinion who will win the console war and why?
burnerO: Dreamcast will remain the easiest to dev for, at least for a while. Especially since the emus can be run on the system without any type of modification. Gba comes in a close second. It will be interesting to see which consoles allow for deving especially after all of the piracy incidents in the past.

Wraggster: What are your favourite games for every system you have owned?
burnerO: Nes - Smb/Smb2, Zelda, Contra/SuperC(stay away from force), Ninja Gaiden, Megaman Series, Super Dodge Ball, Tengen Tetris, Micro Machines, Pac-Man, Galaga, Bomberman 1/2, Donkey Kong, Bubble Bobble, River City Ransom, Little Samson, Arkanoid, Yo! Noid, Bonk's Adventure, Paperboy 1/2, Skate or Die 2(the ramp), Gunsmoke, Metal Storm, Kung Fu, Ducktales, Mickey Mousecapade, Little Nemo
Genesis - Sonic Series, Street Fighter CE, Theme Park, Gunstar Heros, Dune, Road Rash Series, Raiden, Zombies Ate My Neighbors
SegaCd - Sonic CD, Final Fight, Jurassic Park, Willy Beamish, Flink, Panic!
32x - Virtua Fighter, Star Wars Arcade, Knuckles Chaotix
Gamegear - Sonic Series, Chuck Rock, Ecco
Gameboy - Zelda, Tetris
Snes - Super Mario Allstars/World, Yoshi's Island, Rampart, Street Fighter Alpha 2, Zelda, Bust a Move
3do - Gex
Saturn - Xmen vs Streetfighter, Bust a Move 2, Dungeons and Dragons, House of the Dead, Any Capcom Import
N64 - Goldeneye, Zelda
Playstation - Tony Hawk 2, Street Fighter Alpha 3
Dreamcast - Bust a Move 4, Sega Marine Fishing, Marvel vs Capcom 2, Crazi Taxi 1/2, Jet Grind Radio

Wraggster: Your thoughts on the Dreamcast Emulation/Development Scene and how can it be improved?
burnerO: Just have fun and occasionally go outside.

Wraggster: thank you, Wraggster