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Interview with: David Walliman:

Homepage: http://www.ganksoft.com

Date: 2001

The Interview

Wraggster:: Can you tell us where you live and where do you come from,and where you went to school,college etc?
David Walliman:: I live in France, in a small city called Trets near the french Riviera. I graduated from a music school in Valenciennes north from Paris.

Wraggster: Can you tell us what made you get into computers and what Qualifications you have?
David Walliman: Music is my life and I've always been a big videogame fan. That's how I got into that kind of stuff...

Wraggster: What made you get into the Dreamcast Homebrew scene?
David Walliman: I used to surf the net looking for emulators for my Dreamcast. That's how I met Ganksoft's webpage. I sent Brian a sample song, he liked it...

Wraggster: What emulators would you like to either try or see comeout on the Dreamcast?
David Walliman: I would love to play neo-geo on my Dreamcast. I know that will probably never happen, but hey, who knows?

Wraggster: How do you see the future as regards to which system will be the main one for homebrew coders like your self?
David Walliman: I think Gameboy advance is the way to go...

Wraggster: What are your favourite games of all time and why?
David Walliman: Bust a move is the best game ever! Even though I bought the game, I keep on spending my money in Arcades on it!!!