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To kick off DCemu's new interview website we thought it would be great to start off with a series of summer interviews of the PSP scene's favorite coders. For the first interview we had the privilege of sitting down with the great ZX-81.

Kaiser: To start this off I'd like to thank you for sparing some of your time to let us interview you. Would you mind telling us a little about yourself?

Zx-81: My name is Ludovic Jacomme, I'm 36 and I live in Paris, France. I've also got a Phd in *Microelectronic* and computer sciences.

K: Whats your occupation?

Zx-81: I work as a software developer in EDA (Electronic Design Automotion). To summarize, my job consist to make some research and to develop software to help hardware designer to build their chips.

K: Can you tell us about your homebrew programming/coding previous to the PSP?

Zx-81: I've never made any homebrew before the PSP. I've already worked on free software projects, but mainly in EDA not really the same as emulator port.

K: So what/who first got you into the PSP and in-turn developing for it?

Zx-81: A colleague has shown me his PSP, and i have to say that i've been very impressed by this beautiful piece of hardware . He show me many homebrews, and at this moment i wanted to buy one to do the same.

K: Mind telling us of your first PSP homebrew app/game?

Zx-81: My first homebrew was (as many other coders) a simple "hello world" program. Next, i was looking for a scientific calculator for my PSP, and I haven't found one, so i've ported the HP48 calculator. I've already ported this emulator on many other platform (mainly unix like systems). I knew very well the source code, so it was more simple.

K: What is your preffered development enviroment for the PSP?

Zx-81: I develop all my homebrew under Linux, the best environement for coders.

K: So what are some of your favorite consoles and games?

Zx-81: I like many games, mainly FPS on PC. My favorite games at this moment are Joint Operation (Multiplayer FPS), HL2, F.E.A.R and Ghost Recon AW. On console ? I've got an old PS One, and i like to play Tekken or Gran Turismo with my son and my friends.

K: Favorite PSP game?

Zx-81: I've bought only GTA (to be able to run homebrew lol), so i would say all PSP emulators and hombrew games!

K: So what homebrew/apps do you keep on your own PSP?

Zx-81: I've got many many homebrew installed on my PSP. My favorites are PSPRadio, AFKIM, ebook and FileAssistant. Of course I've got also many emulators.

K: Who's your current favorite coder on the scene?

Zx-81: My favorite coder hmmm, hard question. I like them all for their hard work, for all the time they spend for free on their PC to develop homebrews, only for our best pleasure .

K: How do you feel about the PSP Scene? The people and sites surrounding it as well as other coders and fans.

Zx-81: The PSP scene is fantastic, there are many people from many countries, trying to offer the best. Coders who build hombrew, but also gamers, fans, and beta-testers giving usefull feedback, encouragements and good ideas.

K: What things are you currently working on or plan to work on in the future?

Zx-81: I'm working 200% on the Game Boy Advance emulator. I'm trying in the same time to improve other emulators I've already ported. In the future, I don't know for the moment. I've done nearly all emulators I wanted to port . May be I will focus on network applications, I like also this domain.

K:The fans seem to really appreciate your dedication to that GBA emulator. :D Lastly what words of wisdom would you give to an aspiring PSP coder?

Zx-81: The development on PSP is not so easy, mainly when you develop on 2.5 or 2.6 FW because you don't have any debug environment. Fortunatelly, this time is over now with the downgrader ... To all new aspiring PSP coder, I would say that the PSP is one of the best small/portable harware and it's a real pleasure to make homebrew for it, but it requires a lot of work, knowledge and patience.

K: I can't thank you enough .Thanks for giving some of your time to allow us to interview you ZX, its much appreciated. Keep up the great coding. Merci, du réseau entier de DCemu!

Zx-81: Thanks, Regards Zx . PS: Sorry for my english, i'm not so fluent ...;)