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Description: Port of Frodo a Commodore 64 emulator for the Nintendo DS



NDS binaries

NDS Source


This is a port of Frodo, by Christian Bauer, with modifications for the nds by Troy Davis(GPF). The original source code is obtainable from

copy your .D64 c64 disk images to a folder called /rd on the root of your cf/sd card

startup the emulator and it will allow you to select the d64 disk to mount on drive 8

you can press the right trigger to have it automatically type LOAD"*",8,1 and then RUN .

note. You might want to test the .d64 file on another version of Frodo to verify that the d64 is compatible with Frodo.

while playing games the dpad and a and b buttons are used for your joystick

press select to switch between port1 and port2 that the joystick is in.

dpad directions up,down,left,right
a button joystick firebutton
b button space key

thanks and enjoy,
Troy Davis(GPF)

thanks to headspin for the keyboard and code, thechuckster for the fat library d64 browser from his stellads port
maintainers of devkitpro and libnds and to all those in #mellowdsdev and #dsdev for there help and support.

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